The idea of the cover.. From this to that.

I started sketching ideas for Nostalgic Rain cover at the time when I was waiting for the final edited manuscript to get back to me, from my editor Blake Atwood. I really had nothing to do at that time — Except for studying hundreds of pages of diseases that won’t even show up on exam.

I had so many ideas in my mind. I wanted the cover to be clean. That was my one and only objective when I started brainstorming. I wanted a cover that was simple and strong– something with, let’s say, a totally black background and just a symbol in the middle. Yes. That simple.

I ended up creating something exactly opposite to what I wanted initially. I drew a Castle and three moons and woods and a creepy hand. I even added The Ten Domes, for all of its glory. 



I know. I suck at drawing. Anyways- I was very conscious about what I was doing. Simple Cover Vs A complicated was one of the toughest decisions I had to make. I chose the latter. Simple covers are great, no doubt. But they are very safe– no one hates a simple cover. No one falls in love with them either. I knew a cover with many elements ( Castle and moons and domes and woods etc.. ) would be risky. And not everyone would like it. But I did. And I knew a lot of people would love it too.

Here’s how it looked initially. Art by ‘Dane’, my badass cover designer.


Nostalgic Rain


This was the first draft — just to make sure all elements were in place. I approved it right off ( I asked him to add one more dome and to change the color of the gate into gold) . I really liked how it looked – raw and expressive. And I honestly didn’t expect the final version to be like this:

Nostalgic Rain 001-2.jpg


I was so pleased with the results. But soon after I realised the font of the title was kind of a cliche for fantasy novels. So i requested a change, asking Dane for something more glittery and fresh. I wanted it to be silver– shiny silver like steel. I even sent Dane pictures of how I wanted the font to be like. And he did it, just the way I wanted. (Name of the author had been changed too.)


Nostalgic Rain 005



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