Why isn’t there a pre-order page for Nostalgic Rain?

Pre-orders are great. They build up anticipation and hype for any forthcoming project. But why did I, and many other authors decided not to set up a pre-order page? Simple. First of all, how do pre-orders for a book on Amazon work? First, people notice your book, and then they buy it. They won’t get charged until your book is finally out. So, in my case, if I had set up Nostalgic Rain for pre-orders, people would buy it and only get charged once it’s out – July 1st. When the book is out, it will be instantly installed to their Kindle.

So far, this seems perfect. But this has one downside, and its ugly. All of the purchases prior to launch, (Prior to July 1st) won’t be counted as day 1 purchases. They don’t accumulate and spike on launch date. So let’s say a hundred reader pre-ordered Nostalgic Rain. Each purchase will improve the book’s ranking on the day it has been purchased(even if the book is not out yet). This affects the overall ranking of the book as one hundred books bought over a period of two months is not as good as one hundred books bought on the first week of launch. Dilution of definitive purchases from people who’re interested in your book over a long period of time will negatively affect the performance of your launch, and your chances of hitting a bestseller list (which is hard in either case).



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