Friday update 0.2 – 1000 Reader Shelved #NostalgicRain as to-read! And More.

Hello #Rainers (i’m good at subtly introducing new words, ehm..)

The last time I ran a giveaway on the glorious writers hub, Goodreads, it had resulted in 2383 reader requesting the novel (I know I repeated that number a lot.) Anyways, experimenting with this site again, yet with fewer copies this time and for a shorter time ( Five free copies instead of ten, and twenty days instead of a month for the availability of the giveaways on the website).

In two days, 750 reader requested the book. This does not necessarily mean that 300+ reader will request the book everyday, as the “Visibility” of the Giveaway decreases by time, until the last two days (or sometimes three), where the widget shows up on the first page in the Giveaways section. We’ll see how things go in the next few days.

Note: So far, 1000 shelved #NostalgicRain as to-read. Woah. 

Finally, there is now a countdown till launch date on the right sidebar of the website, as well as twitter feed and a search bar. Few tweaks here and there just to make the website better.

See you next Friday. Or the one after that.

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