Friday update 0.1 – Marketing.

Before I start this week’s update- a huge thank you to all of you great people reading and tweeting about the book. It makes me so happy. For real. Now let’s talk numbers. In the last couple of months I have done several things to market the book, I will talk specifically about my experience with goodreads giveaways. For ten copies of Nostalgic Rain, all countries enabled to enter giveaways, these are the numbers:

-2383 reader requested the book.

-886 reader marked the book as “want-to-read”

-4 readers emailed me directly asking for a free copy.

By the way, I have shipped the ten books to the winners yesterday (3 copies to USA, 2 to Canada, 1 to UK, 1 to Bulgaria, 1 to Tunisia and the last one goes to India).

Second giveaways start 22nd of March! How much will this giveaway add to book? I don’t know, really. Hope it goes well.


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